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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Moms Garden Flowers {Rocklin Photographer}

This Friday evening I was with a few extremely gifted women photographers who have photography businesses in the Sacramento Metro Area. When I came home from my time with these ladies, my husband and I took a ride to visit about our day and spend some cherished time together. As I started debriefing about the evening, I realized that I seem to approach my business much like this bouquet of flowers from my mothers garden...simple and free of tradition or "rules". We have this other bouquet of flowers sitting on our counter that my daughter brought home from her work (from someone who could not keep them, and had wanted her to have them instead). The bouquet is very pretty I suppose...it is large and full of yellow and purple traditional flowers, that is quite perfectly and symmetrically arranged. Then there is the bouquet of flowers from my mothers back yard. Simple flowers clustered in a plain drinking glass...placed on our cluttered coffee table. Refreshing and purely sweet. Lindsay and I had just yesterday visited an elderly lady in a convalescent home where there was a bouquet of flowers much like the one from my mothers back yard. I was so taken by them...also refreshing and purely sweet. Sometimes I feel very simple...like I create photos without the "rules" of photography...like I don't measure up to so many of the photographers that I know and greatly respect. Then I get to talking with Johnny and realize that some people love flowers that come arranged by a traditional florist and that others love flower that look like they have just come out of their mothers back yard. I guess that's what makes it all so wonderful and worth it...knowing that we all have been given an "eye" to see things in our own beautiful way. Photobucket

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