Welcome to my blog…to my life. I’m a California girl…born and raised here…spent a few years in Colorado, but California holds my roots. I’m a child of God and blessed to know Jesus…his grace and love are priceless to me. I’m a daughter and sister, wife and mother…three times each out of three of these. I’ve experienced young widowhood, divorce and true kindred spirit love. I’m a friend, an open book and a truth seeker. I create without following recipes or reading music...I thoughtfully and creatively photograph images that speak to my heart…and hope to yours. So, come share my life through the eye of a camera lens. I will show you pieces of what I see, tell you stories about them and often write a prayer along the way.
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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


This past month I had the opportunity to photograph some beautiful women. I have a dear friend who let me use her as a model to try some new maternity photography ideas. She was not pregnant...but she was beautiful!
This dear girl was truly expecting! She couldn't have been any more glowing than she was the day of her photo shoot.

Oh, to be such a young couple with such a lot of life ahead. These are very sweet people.

I am so excited about how beautifully the camera can capture the loveliness of a woman!

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